How I got fond of the microscope

Tankred Fiedler As a young teacher I soon turned away from the microscope (just like it happens to many children who get one as a present), because the experiments recommended in school books were frustrating and had only poor results: There was hardly any life in a "drop of water" or in a "infusion of hay", hand-sections of plants almost regularly failed.

Years later in a pool that used to be a gravel pit, I came across the "ecosystem Myriophyllum", which was full of various kinds of life, - since then it has fascinated me and still does.

As the technique for examinations is very simple, this system is suited to invite beginners at the microscope into the microcosmos and its world of continuosly new adventures.

The microscope has even more effects

my workshop group While working with a microscope you are almost bound to philosophize about the completely new unexpected cosmos appearing behind the world you can see with your normal eyes.

So young people will start to ask beyond the sheer appearence and regard themselves a mediator between macro- and microcosmos.

At the same time the microscope allowes a direct access to the phenomena and makes real research at the sources of life possible.

Therefore I have founded and will continue a "Workshop Microbiology" for young "scientists" at Wilhelms-Gymnasium Munich.

To get the latest news (in German) about our work and projects see "News" on my homepage.

Reward for Myriophyllum biotopes!

pond Microorganisms colonize not only on Myriophyllum, they use other water plants as well.

But how can you make videos of a Bryozoa colony at the bottom side of a waterlily leaf or duckweed? Ceratophyllum, which looks very similar to Myriophyllum is not convinient either because of its thick whorled leaves.

Therefore I need a constant supply of Myriophyllum, but the places where it can grow are getting fewer. This is why I offer Euro 50,- to each person who can tell me such a place in the region of Munich to avoid being litterally "dried out" one day.


Tankred Fiedler

Born: 27.09.1941
Living in: Munich
Marital Status: Married, two children
Profession: Teacher for chemistry and biology (Grammar school)


Expelsion from "Sudetenland" (a former part of the Czech Republik)

1946 - 1961

Childhood in Plattling (lower Bavaria)


Abitur (A-level) at Oberrealschule Deggendorf


State exam in Chemistry and Biology

1973 - 1976

German School at Lisboa (Portugal)

1976 - 2006

Wilhelms-Gymnasium Munich

1. August 2006