Scene photos

Difflugia spec The pictures presented here are digitized snapshots from video clips taken on S-VHS-tapes. They shall give an impression of the richness of forms within the ecosystem Myriophyllum, they may invite you to make your own observations and to contact the author, if you have questions to ask.

I prefer working with the video camera because only this way I can watch long lasting courses of events continuously.

Ethological studies of microorganisms

Platycola coelochila It is fascinating to watch an Astramoeba gradually changing from a little star into a streaming form stretched out long, and the eclosion of a Ptygura larva from its egg and its development into a sessile adult. But the cell division of Protozoa, or Heliozoa and Suctoria eating their prey is thrilling as well. A Lacrymaria looking for food is most impressing too, when it is stretching its "throat" to an incredible extent, and moving it in high speed in search of things to eat.

The scenario is never boring because in every "diving excursion" you come across new, surprising details or particularly well-shaped specimen.