Video clips

Planorbis The video clips presented here are the aesthetic highlights of my observations of the microfauna in a natural pool, carried on patiently for more than ten years now.

Especially in the era of "genetic engineering" it is most important not to lose contact to the roots of life. I would be glad if I could bring home some of my pleasure and amazement at the incredible richness of forms to the viewer.

A fascinating path into a magic world

Zeiss microscope The water samples lying between a microscope slide and a coverslip were observed through a Zeiss microscope (Standard lab) with Neofluar-Objectives. For more convenient long term observations I used a tv monitor connected to the microscope parallelly.

The pictures were transmitted in sequences by an analog colour-video-camera (JVC TK-C1481BEG) without objective to S-VHS-videotapes. The camera was fixed to the connecting-piece of the microscope by a C-mount thread.

The making of the microfauna video clips

editing software The clips were digitized by Canopus hardware (ADVC300), processed by Canopus editing software (Let's Edit 2), and stored on the hard drive of a PC (Windows XP) in Mpeg2-Quality.

For the presentation on this website the video clips were converted into Macromedia Flash video format.